Monday, June 26, 2017

“Giving It All” by We Were Strangers – A Song Review

     As a quick comparison, “Giving It All” is similar to a river that floods on an annual basis, leaving another layer on the adjacent land after each flood. Strings step in quietly, and then move forwardly within the mix as the song progresses. The backing vocals that are so striking in the final minutes do not even surface in the first half of the track.
     The end of “Giving It All” is a contrast with the start. The song begins with a burst and is carried by a rhythm having an Arcade Fire feel (“Keep the Car Running”). At its end, the song backs out politely, with a vocal fade and a few calm notes from the guitar.

     We Were Strangers is the project of Stefan Melbourne in Manchester, UK.
“Giving It All” by We Were Strangers 

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