Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wintersleep – A Band Feature

     Does every dedicated follower of music (so dedicated that they read music blogs) have a shortlist of bands that trigger the question, “Why don’t these guys have a larger fan base?”? Being on the list doesn’t reflect an attitude that the band should be a major force in the music industry. There is a feeling of indignation, but it’s based on the injustice that the band’s reach isn’t greater – if they were on the poster of a major musical festival, they should have a larger font.

     One band on our shortlist is Wintersleep. They are from Halifax, Nova Scotia and the members are Loel Campbell (drums, guitar), Paul Murphy (vocals, guitar), Tim D'eon (guitar, keyboards), and Jon Samuel (keyboards, backing vocals, guitar). Their fan base is more significant in Canada (and perhaps Europe in view of the current tour), but, “Why don’t these guys have a larger U.S. fan base?

     Wintersleep hasn’t released an album is the last year. So, the below tracks are from the 2016 album “The Great Detachment.” The album takes advantage of the diversity of the band, showing equal adeptness in the areas of Guitar Rock (“Freak Out” and “Santa Fe”), Synth (“More Than”), and semi-Shoegaze (“Metropolis”). 

     “More Than” by Wintersleep



     “Freak Out” 

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