Thursday, June 15, 2017

Catching Up – Adaline, Samuel Jack and AIHVHIA

     SubmitHub is a site that allows artists to reach out to bloggers, high-profile video posters, and labels. There is a 48-hour time limit to respond to the artist. Sometimes, we don’t fully appreciate a song until after the two days. Here are some examples of blogworthy submissions that deserved attention.
     Adaline’s voice has a purity and an ability to convey emotion. Her album, “Aquatic,” includes a number of gems, but “Entertainer” is our favorite.


      Samuel Jack is a UK singer/songwriter. Quoting the SubmitHub content:
  “'Mama Don’t Know Better,' released on June 2nd, is about 'A pretty liberating time in my life where I really came to grips with the reality that everybody makes mistakes, even mums and dads you know, and that making mistakes is ok. I felt good writing it, I feel good listening to it, and I hope that’s how it makes people feel.'"
     “Mama Don’t Know Better” by Samuel Jack 

     It is a palindrome, but we have no other information about the selection of AIHVHIA as the performance name. The Facebook page states:
  “AIHVHIA" doesn't mean anything. I wanted the meaning to develop into the body of music I create. I don't consider myself to be "AIHVHIA." I use "AIHVHIA" as an umbrella term for my music. I make albums that feel more like movies. I've made my music so story oriented that some songs become meaningless out of context. "AIHVHIA" is truly supposed to be an album experience over a singular song experience.
     Jonathan Solheim is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 
     “Don’t Look Back” by AIHVHIA

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