Friday, June 23, 2017

“Missing the Mark” by Paris Youth Foundation – A Song Review

     Interestingly, elements of “Missing the Mark” show an increasing sophistication as the song progresses. Instrumentally, the song from Paris Youth Club begins unassumingly with percussion and guitar strums. That changes at 0:42, when the guitar temporarily goes “quick-pick,” similar to “Chocolate” by The 1975. A second transition occurs at 2:06, when the song fully embraces a Rock riff shortly after a percussion-driven surge. It was the impact from this Rock explosion that created the full appreciation for the song composition.
     Vocally, choppy articulations of syllables mark the beginning of “Missing the Mark.” In the first verse, each of the first three lines ends in a syllable (“…side,” “mind” and “bring”) that is carried by multiple distinct notes. By the end of the track, the greater emphasis on the backing voices smooths the vocals.

     The members of Paris Youth Foundation are Kevin Potter (vocals), Tom Morris Jones (guitar), Jamie Hive (guitar), Paul Bates (bass), and Jonny Alderton (drums). They are based in Liverpool (not Paris, so add this to the list of band names that are geographically misdescriptive).  
     “Missing the Mark” by Paris Youth Foundation

Lyrics of “Missing the Mark” by Paris Youth Foundation 
I don’t care that it’s dark outside
I only came here to change your mind
I couldn’t find any words to bring
Now, it’s the end of everything

Walk through the dark with your hand in mine
Let’s lose ourselves for one last time
I couldn’t find any word to bring
Now, it’s the end of everything

You’re breaking my heart
As you dance in the dark
I can save us somehow
Don’t give up on me now
[Repeat after instrumental bridge]

Quoting the SubmitHub content:
  "Fast rising Liverpudlian five-piece Paris Youth Foundation are set to win over hearts around the nation with their latest indie pop track 'Missing The Mark,' which is out now.
  Relaying back to their last track 'Lost Cause,' ‘Missing the Mark’ further explores the agonies of romantic relationships. The track is the latest release as part of the band’s love letters compilation, inspired by frontman Kevin Potter’s personal anecdotes. Potter’s melodic voice haunts the listener to fall into his charm, while rhythmic guitar and upbeat drums tower up to create an anthemic hook of a dreamy summer hit.
  Following their debut show at last year’s Reading Festival, which had gained them the respects of Huw Stephens, the band has gone on to play all the major new music festivals including Hit The North, Live At Leeds, The Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City. They have toured alongside Transgressive trio Blaenavon and Brighton’s indie rockers The Magic Gang, and will be joining hotly tipped grunge rockers INHEAVEN on their biggest UK tour to date.
  ‘Missing The Mark’ was produced by long-time collaborator, Al Groves, at Liverpool’s renowned Motor Museum studio - the same location which the Arctic Monkeys used during sessions their debut album, and where Oasis recorded their iconic breakthrough single ‘Supersonic.'"

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