Monday, June 19, 2017

“Los Angeles” by Pole Siblings – A Song Review

     “Los Angeles” has a gentle beauty from the start, with the beauty having an elegance in the final minute of this gem from Pole Siblings. It is in the last minute that the male and female vocals separate from being lyrically alignment to having a side-by-side collaboration.

     “Los Angeles” stands on its own, but it’s fair to compare the track to “Myth” by Beach House. Each song is from a male-female duo, uses an almost delicate, sonic guitar and keyboards, and resides in the Dream Pop genre.

     Pole Siblings are a brother-sister pairing from Finland. Sofia and Johan Stolpe now live in Falun, Sweden. They released a debut EP, “It Might Grow,” on June 16 via Strangers Candy/AntiFragile Music. The four-track EP was recorded and produced by Petter Winnberg (Amason). 
     “Los Angeles” by Pole Siblings 

Below is interesting background information from the SubmitHub page:
  After living apart for nearly 10 years, Johan and Sofia Stolpe came together when both of them found love on the other side of the Baltic Sea and moved to Sweden almost simultaneously. They started a band together as an outlet for processing their mutual history as well as creating a necessary way to stay connected to their homeland. Love came and went, but both of them decided to stay in Sweden and they are now living just a block away from each other in the small town of Falun in the Dalarna region.

  After their father passed away in late 2015, Johan and Sofia decided to gather their emotional belongings and create a new chapter of their own. Heavily influenced by the personal setbacks of the last few years – separations from the partners that brought them to Sweden as well as various other facets of life – their music echoes their own personal connection:

  “Death is a very humbling experience. You realize you can’t hold on to certain things, cause there’s no one there to help you let go of your regrets, questions or pent up anger. Both of us are relational people, brought up having to find strength, and refuge, in each other. We had a strong need to go through our shared history of emotions and they couldn’t go anywhere else than into songs”, Sofia Stolpe says about the EP.

  After supporting Swedish band Amason on tour, the siblings met musician and producer Petter Winnberg and recordings of “It Might Grow” took place in a community cabin in the village of Gagnef, Sweden in June 2016.

  “It Might Grow” is 15 minutes music, spanning over a lifetime of a family’s most dark and beautiful moments. A collection of songs about making amends with the past as well as celebrating its impact on life paths.

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