Tuesday, April 23, 2019

“Mayae” (ft. Mimi Gilbert) by OM Collective – A Song Feature

     There is a serenity that flows from “Mayae.” The current is gentle, yet sufficiently powerful to ensure that the listener is carried to a calmer place. Even the surges in the song from OM Collective bring a sense of embrace.

      The face of OM Collective is Timothy James Ferson. He is from Sydney, Australia, but the Facebook site of OM Collective identifies the hometown as “Sydney/LA LA Land.”

      The lead vocals in “Mayae” are Mimi Gilbert, while backing vocals are provided by Holly Martin and Ferson, who also provides the instruments. In explaining the song, Ferson wrote:
 “It’s about my ex-partner, who (I sigh as I write this) moved to Dubai to be an air-hostess. The relationship ended with a conversation where I actually told her to ‘get the fuck out of my life.’ The lyrics quote that conversation, and add “Gomenasai” (‘Sorry’ in Japanese) to the end. Her father died a few years ago. She doesn’t talk to me now. A piece of me wants her to hear this song, to hear that 'gomenasai'. I never had the goddamn chance to say that ultimately meaningless yet ineffably meaningful ‘sorry’ for her dad’s passing. Whoever you are, I hope you feel this track enough to support me in sharing this last love letter, in the hope that it might reach the girl that revolutionised my experience of life.”
          My sincerest gratitude,
          Timothy James Ferson

      “Mayae” (ft. Mimi Gilbert) by OM Collective 

Lyrics of “Mayae” (ft. Mimi Gilbert) by OM Collective
The show goes on
At 5 o’clock Mayae appears
Quietly conjured, up from the floor
Oh, I've hungered for your…

Touch and go, and grow on your own
Such a bad idea
Layer by layer I take Her
Window sigh 30 hours later

“Oh, what went wrong?
(Her eight faces)
This can’t be right.”
We wonder how, knowing why

Mayae, She's lost
What's left to love?
Oh my God, She lost
The will to love. Love
And learnt how to flirt with thin air
Appears in the aisle; row 17, F

Audience can't understand
“It’s not possible!”
Oh, but they found you
They found you
And we lost you

Come out to play
(You disappeared)
The mirror shines
Thy fairest form, the light

Grande finale at 5:20 sharp
It's late, No delay
Handcuffed, padlocked, boxed in a cage
In a coffin; concrete grave in the sky

We have the sun
(I can't love you)
But She still hides
(“Get the fuck out of my life.”)

Oh, I’ll let you go
So you let go, let go
[4 times]

Oh, let go, let go

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