Friday, March 1, 2013

From Russia with Love – Hospital

     A little while back, we noticed that the Indie Obsessive blogsite was receiving an interesting amount of traffic from Russia. Why the love?, we wondered. So, we tried to determine the reason. We found that most of the hits were to the January 28th blog entry, which included three short sentences about the Russian band named Hospital. We then found that Hospital put a link to our post on their Facebook page.

     We love the love. Thank you.
      For those of you who missed the earlier post, Hospital is an Indie pop band that is based in Moscow. In an explanation of the name, the band states, “Our name has no connection to health care, doctors, or battlefields. Our music is a new kind of antidote for anybody with a passion for sound-waves, guitars, voices, songs… and noise.”
     The members of Hospital are Egor Berdnikov (vocals and guitar), Aleksej Shorin (bass), Andrej Cvetkov (guitar) and Vladimir Balovnev (drums). Their music is currently Free, Legal and Recommended.
     “Time Will Tell” by Hospital

     "Hard ‘n Heavy” by Hospital

     “Falling” by Hospital

“Made of Sand” by Hospital

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  1. We then found that Hospital put a hospital equipment link to our post on their Facebook page.