Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bronze Radio Return Allows Free Downloads

     As we noted in a previous post:
It requires some searching, but NoiseTrade (http://noisetrade.com/) is a good tool for music discoveries.  Just steam the music and download the entire offering if you enjoy the songs.  The music is made available by artists of various genres, with the hope that the exposure will be beneficial (and that there will be some "tips"). The bands take the opportunity to expand their email lists.  At first, we didn't give our actual postal code, but started to do so when we realized that the purpose is to allow the band to send an email notification when the band is performing within driving distance of a person.  
     If you are inclined not to distribute your main email address, just take the time to register an extra Gmail or Yahoo account.  However, even with regular use of NoiseTrade, the extra incoming email to our account has not been significant. 
   Bronze Radio Return is allowing downloads via NoiseTrade. The band is based in Hartford, Connecticut. The members are Chris Henderson (Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Fetkowitz (Guitar), Matt Warner (Keys/Vocals), Rob Griffith (Drums/Vocals), Bob Tanen (Bass/Vocals), and Craig Struble (Harmonica/Guitar/Banjo). 
     Our favorite songs of Bronze Radio Return are "Wolves" and "Shake, Shake, Shake." Since the NoiseTrade offering doesn't enable jumps within a song, we are including the Soundcloud versions of the two songs. But both songs are within the NoiseTrade offer.

     "Wolves" by Bronze Radio Return - the ability to make jumps within this song is significant, since the later portion is different than the earlier portion in many aspects.

     "Shake, Shake, Shake" by Bronze Radio Return

To access the interface in order to listen to the other songs, just "click" on the arrow within the picture of the band.

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