Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coachella, Ben Howard, and the Water Toss

     Within a few feet of us, two people lost consciousness while watching Ben Howard during the second weekend of Coachella. Odds are that it was also happening elsewhere. To provide some safety, water was distributed without charge. The distribution begins in a safe manner at the 3:30 mark of this video. But as time went by, the throws gained distance and lost carefulness. Since no one seemed to get injured, it added to the enjoyment of Coachella.  Around the 4:30 mark, the risks involved with being hit by a 50-foot toss seemed to be greater than the risks involved with not having enough water.

     The video and audio were captured using our recently purchased sunglasses with built-in camera and microphone. We are pleased with the purchase, although the quality and position of the microphone limit the possible quality of the recording.

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