Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Night VI – A Band Review

     Interestingly, within the blogosphere, the song “Thinking of You” received a large spike of attention after it surfaced on SoundCloud. That is, the music blogs, particularly those based in the U.K., sang the praises of the release by The Night VI, but now all is quiet. Or at least that’s how it seems within our area of the world. We are hoping it is just a lull until the August 12, 2013 EP that will include “Thinking of You” as its title track.
     The Night VI is a six-member group with ties to the U.K. and France. The lead voice is that of Sophie-Rose Harper, but there are a number of features to enjoy. How many bands feature a harp?

     "Thinking of You" by Night VI

     "Strangers" by Night VI - an acoustic version.

     The band is typically referred to as the shortened "The Night." It would be interesting to know the purpose of the "VI" component of the official name. If the letters are to distinguish the band name from other "The Night" bands, is this the sixth band to go in that naming direction? We are aware of "The Night" from Sydney, Australia, which released the song "Put Me Out" about a year ago. In our opinion, "Put Me Out" is the best song that has been disowned by its owner. That is, the song is not on the band's website ( and requires some searching to discover. We're hoping that it changes soon, since both these "The Night" bands desire attention in the U.S.

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