Saturday, June 15, 2013

It’s the Ides of June – Music Alliance Pact (MAP)

     As noted in previous blog entries, on the fifteenth ("Ides")  of each month the Music Alliance Pact (MAP) makes a collection of songs available for free and legal download. MAP is a collective of 34 blogs (at least) in an equal number of countries.  Each blog chooses a song by an artist from its home country for the monthly post.  Approval from each artist is a requirement. This month, there are 34 songs in the MAP collection.
           There are three options:
1. You can merely listen to the 34 songs at one of the MAP authorized sites. For example, the Scottish participant is The Pop Cop, and the MAP page is accessed by CLICKING HERE.
2. You can selectively download the songs by going to one of the MAP authorized sites and using the "Save as" capability of your web browser.
3. You can download all 34 in a ZIP file at CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE ZIP SITE.

     For the June collection, our recommendations are:
     "Ludovico" by the Constables, the contribution from Finland. This is not a new group for us, but we hadn't heard "Ludovico" prior to the listening to this June MAP presentation. Constables is a guitar-driven band, and we like the drive. Our favorite Constables song is still "Are We Still Here," so we included it below (it is not in the MAP download).
     "Ludovico" by Constables (this is the MAP song)

     "Are We Still Here" by Constables (this is not included in MAP)

      "The Plan" by Playground Noise, the contribution from Greece. We liked "The Plan" even before the horns came in with force at the 3:11 mark. So, we went to the other offerings of Playground Noise for the purpose of seeing if they could deliver on the promise of "The Plan." We found a song we like even more - "The Drowning." 
     "The Plan" by Playground Noise (this is the MAP song)

     "The Drowning" by Playground Noise (this is not included in MAP)

     "Excursiones Polaries" by La Guerra Psicológica, the contribution from Argentina. This song goes in a number of directions, some better than others. After the first few bars, it seems that Jim Morrison of the Doors should jump in with "Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel." But it quickly becomes clear that we are not going in the direction of the Door's "Roadhouse Blues." The harmonica jumps in and out, the guitars explode at the 1:11 mark, there's a short sing along at 1:46, ...

     "Tame" by BODYWORK, the contribution from England. This is electronica, which is not typically one of our preferences. But "Tame" is electronica with an attitude, and we were in the mood for attitude when we heard the song. It's your call now.

     "The Good Blood" by Ketch Harbour Wolves, the contribution from Canada. At the start, it appears to be yet another song that sounds like it is from the National. But, Ketch Harbour Wolves have their own sound, as we quickly discovered.

     "A Sudden Light" by Gang of Youths, the contribution from Australia. Admittedly, we weren't fond of the song during the first listen. But it is growing on us more with each listen.

           "Requiem" by TOURISTA, the contribution from Peru. To quote the early days of American Bandstand, "It's gotta nice beat and it's easy to dance to." 

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