Monday, June 17, 2013

Spring Offensive – A Band Review

     Spring Offensive is a five-person band based in Oxford, Britain. The band describes itself as:
"We have guitars, we have driving rhythms, we sing in harmony and we mean it. Sometimes we play in living rooms. Sometimes we play in churches, museums, art galleries, or venues."
    Last week we were introduced to "Speak," and now we play it regularly. Surprisingly, Spring Offensive is currently allowing downloads for the mere price of an email address. It proved to be a good business move when applies to us, since we are now purchasing other offerings of the band.
     We have talked about adding a “What-we-like-about-this-song section” to each blog entry that has a focus on a particular song. For “Speak,” the section would include significantly more bullet points than most songs. We like:
  • The early percussion, which is choppy, but in a manner that works well with the vocals;
  • The harmony that first appears at the 0:54 mark;
  • The increase in the intensity of that harmonization at the 1:13 mark;
  • The abrupt shift in direction by isolating the guitar at the 1:32 mark;
  • The guitar build occurring between the 1:57 and 2:01 marks;
  • The percussion after the guitar drops out at the 2:40 mark; and
  • The final seven seconds, when the guitar resurfaces.
     "Speaks" by Spring Offensive

     "No Assets" by Spring Offensive

     "Not Drowning But Waving" by Spring Offensive - this is the opposite of spring, since it comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.

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