Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Three Songs Within the "Drown" Theme.

     Both of us play roles in a wedding this week, so extra time is difficult to find. That’s true even if we are trying to find time for things we love (in addition to the bride and groom). So, the next seven days will be limited to shorter posts.
    The theme for this post is “drown,” since there are a number of very recent releases that include the term.

     Singleton is from Kiev, Ukraine. 
“Drown” by Singleton - this one is a free download.

Website: www.singleton.com.ua

     “Drowning in Pinwheels” by IG88 (IG88 is the alias of Seattle Washington artist Branden Clarke).

     We are currently obsessed with the song “Speak” by Spring Offensive, but this is another song we enjoy. Spring Offensive is a five-person band based in Oxford, Britain.
“Not Drowning But Waving” by Spring Offensive

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