Friday, June 14, 2013

“Tough Love” by Sailor and I - A Song Review

Sailor and I
     The temptation is use the term “minimalistic” to describe the single “Tough Love,” since the lyrics are simple and the instruments almost disappear at times. But a few careful listens lead to the conclusion that “Tough Love” has a complexity that is inconsistent with the term “minimalistic” and that the time required for the orchestration and production is probably only appreciated by persons involved in the process. The short surge that occurs at the 1:21 mark is followed by a trail-off of energy, which is broken by a percussion explosion at 1:40. There are a variety of features that make this song interesting throughout.
     “Tough Love” was released this week, and is the first song from the Sailor and I. The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden. While it is the only song available from Sailor & I, there is a promise of an album (or at least an EP) release in July 2013, so more is coming.
     "Tough Love" by Sailor and I

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