Friday, July 12, 2013

A Quick Quote from Deep Elm Records

     Deep Elm Records is a record label that describes itself as being “fiercely independent.” While some Indie record labels receive a degree of corporate funding, Deep Elm takes pride in being 100% independent of outside influences.
     The record label posted an interesting statement on its Facebook page today. The statement addresses the perception that the availability of streaming capabilities, such as Pandora and Spotify, makes music pirating less important to music lovers, and does so in a manner that results in payments to the artists. That is, these capabilities present a "win-win situation" for artists and their fans.  According to Deep Elm Records:
     "FYI - An artist whose song gets played 1 MILLION times on Pandora earns just $16.89 (less than the sale of TWO albums on iTunes). Spotify pays a little better, but not by much. Streaming is helping to deter piracy, which has all but decimated the record industry, but it's actually decreasing sales even further. As a result, you'll see a lot more labels folding as streaming gets bigger, especially indies. So if you want to support a band / their music / their label, please buy their album."

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