Monday, July 22, 2013

“House on Fire” – The Three Songs

     In January, we noted that two bands from London had released songs with the same name – “Pompeii.”  Tonight, we will see Bastille perform their “Pompeii” and we are hoping to have a similar opportunity to see Bear’s Den.
     A new oddity is the release of three songs with the title “House on Fire,” with all three releases occurring since May.  Interestingly (well we find it interesting anyway), we can tie two of the three songs to blog entries of the last week. First, the song from the Liverpool band Outfit was presented in the July 18 discussion of rock guitar (CLICK HERE). Second, the song by Black Taxi includes the trumpet, so it could fit into yesterday’s post about trumpet-containing songs (CLICK HERE).

     “House on Fire” by Outfit

Black Taxi
     Black Taxi is a band from New York. The Facebook page of Black Taxi indicates that they will be in LA three times during September. Because there are large gaps between the three dates, we are guessing that they will make the relatively short trip to San Francisco. But it is a guess.
     “House on Fire” by Black Taxi 

Fitz and the Tantrums
     The third song is from the May album release from Fitz and the Tantrums, who will be at the Outside Lands Festival this year.

A bonus track – one that almost fits the naming qualification.
     "Set This House on Fire" by Nick Valle (Folly & the Hunter)

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