Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three Songs with More of a Traditional Rock Guitar Approach

     Yesterday, the focus of the blog entry was upon powerful female vocals. Today’s focus is on a driving rock guitar.
      Outfit is a preparing for an August 12th release of the LP “Performance.” Only yesterday, the first single was made available on SoundCloud. We liked “House of Fire” immediately. The lead-up and the execution of the screaming guitar at the 2:33 mark of the song remind us of what made Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” a classic. In “House on Fire,” the lead-up starts when the vocals stop at 2:00 and the emphasis moves to percussion. There are tastes of the upcoming guitar during the lead-up, but the explosion doesn’t occur until 2:33.
     Outfit is a Liverpool band and its members are Thomas Gorton, Nicholas Hunt, Christopher Hutchinson, David Berger and Andrew Hunt.
     "House on Fire" by Outfit


     The Dirty Rivers is another Liverpool-based band. The band has a style that is similar to that of Jane’s Addiction, but we like The Dirty Rivers more. The song “The Kid” arrived on SoundCloud about three months ago. Its qualifications as a song that fits within the theme of this blog entry are apparent from the first few seconds of “The Kid.”
     The members of The Dirty Rivers are Mike Ellis (Vocals), Jay Roberts (Guitar), Lloyd Shearer (Bass), Ryan Ellis (Guitar), and Ben Robinson (Drums).
     "The Kid" by The Dirty Rivers


     Getting away from Liverpool, the third song is “Lazy Bones,” which is a guitar-heavy track by the San Francisco group Wooden Shjips. The members are Dusty Jermier (trumpet and bass), Omar Ahsanuddin (drims), Nash Whalen (organ), and Ripley Johnson (guitar and vocals).
     "Lazy Bones" by Wooden Shjips

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