Monday, July 29, 2013

“Canvas of Me” by Migrant Kids – A Song Review

      The song “Canvas of Me” is the first single of a larger release that is scheduled for September 24, 2013. The band is Migrant Kids, which is currently based in Austin, Texas, but the three members are originally from the Midwest. 
     The members of Migrant Kids are Miguel Ojeda, Bryan O’Flynn, and John Zakoor. Ojeda and Zakoor are cousins who started the band in Detroit before moving to Austin (after a short stay in Brooklyn). Following the move, they joined forces with O’Flynn, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio.
     In “Canvas of Me,” we like the guitar hooks, such as the short one at the 1:08 mark. And the voices are at a sufficiently high quality that Migrant Kids takes the risk of going a cappella at the 2:28 mark. SoundCloud shows this a cappella portion as a valley in its waveform. But after the valley, the intensity jumps immediately.
     If the rest of the September release from Migrant Kids is even nearly as well written and produced as “Canvas of Me,” it will be much easier for us and others to gather information about these guys.

     "Canvas of Me" by Migrant Kids - currently the song is a free and legal download.

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