Friday, July 19, 2013

“Gen V” by Solomon Grey – A Song Review

    We received an email, inviting comments about the video for “Gen V,” which is a song that will be included in an upcoming release by Solomon Grey. The release is scheduled for August 4, 2013. Because we already had “Gen V” on our list of interesting songs to consider, we’re jumping on the invitation.
     Solomon Grey is Tom Kingston of the U.K. (London) and Joe Wilson of Australia. According to the press release that was attached to the email invitation, “[T]he duo spent over three years crafting a sound that spans across two hemispheres: writing in both the Irish coastal wilderness and barren Australian plains, enduring relationship strains and long travels, desolation and the beauty found within it.”

     Melancholy falsetto is not an approach that we would have thought could draw our attention, let alone hold that attention for long. But “Gen V” adds sophistication to the approach, and there are minor touches that evidence the care that Kingston and Wilson (and any production team?) exercised in recording the song. Just as an example, we appreciate the two seconds of added echo occurring at the 0:36 mark. And we are always susceptible to energy build-ups, such as the one leading to the 3:43 mark in the song.

     Regarding the video, we like the kaleidoscope affects and the metropolitan scenery. Quoting the press release again, “It’s no coincidence that the video for ‘Gen V’ has a glassy, metropolitan feel – the Tokyo night skyline evokes comparisons to the director Sofia Coppola and Lost in Translation, the track itself almost a soundtrack to the indifferent city.”
     "Gen V" by Solomon Grey

     "Firechild" received attention when it surfaced about eight months ago.

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