Friday, July 26, 2013

“My Type” by Saint Motel – A Song Review (And SF Concert Opportunity)

     Probably like you, we read a number of different music blogs. All too often, a blogger will make a statement equivalent to “It’s impossible to not at least tap your foot during this song.” Because it has become so trite, we won’t apply it to our description of the recent release by the Los Angeles band Saint Motel. The song is ‘My Type.”
 “My Type” starts with a single horn, without much force. But force surfaces very quickly, because the rest of the horn section jumps in. Then, percussion and guitar add to the sound. During the song, the horns and the band choir jump in and out. And a piano is used effectively starting at the 2:10 mark. There’s a lot going on, but the song never becomes “too busy.”
     We first became aware of Saint Motel because of our obsessive approach to collecting songs that have a “year title.” Within the collection of songs is “1997” by Saint Motel. On July 27 (tomorrow), Saint Motel will join Hockey at The Independent in San Francisco.

      "My Type” by Saint Motel - For at least now, it is a free and legal download.

           "1997” by Saint Motel

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