Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Folly & the Hunter – A Band Review

   Originally, it was the vocals in the song "Ghost" that drew us to Folly & the Hunter. But we sampled other songs by the band and found more reasons to appreciate their offerings. For example, "Watch for Deer at Dawn" includes a subtle energy shift at the 2:31 mark and a slow guitar riff both at 1:19 and 3:41. After a while, "Vultures" turned into our favorite Folly & the Hunter song, but that may change to another offering soon.
     The members of Folly & the Hunter are Nick Vallee, Laurie-A. Torres, Christopher Fox, Phil Creamer, and Nick Scofield. Folly & the Hunter is based in Montreal, but Vallee is from Vancouver, Torres is a native of Quebec and Fox was originally in England (Sussex). The band recently released “Tragic Care,” an album that includes the songs “Ghost” and “Watch for Deer at Dawn.”

     “Ghost” by Folly & the Hunter - which is being offered as a free download from the band's record label, Outside Music.

     “Watch for Deer at Dawn” by Folly & the Hunter

     “Vultures” by Folly & the Hunter

     “Folly” by Folly & the Hunter

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