Wednesday, October 30, 2013

American Authors and The Royal Concept – A San Francisco Concert Opportunity

     If you enjoy Indie Pop, there is a concert opportunity in San Francisco on December 9, 2013. American Authors, The Royal Concept, and Misterwives will visit The Independent.
     Sports fans following the World Series have heard the music of American Authors, since the song “Best Day of My Life” is featured on the “Man Cave” commercial that is shown at least once each game. In fact, the band is in the Man Cave commercial and the same song is included in a number of other commercials or trailers.

American Authors performed the full song on the September 6, 2013 episode of Jay Leno.

     American Authors is based in Brooklyn, New York, but the band has a Boston origin. The members are Zachary Barnett (lead vocals, guitar), James Adam Shelley (guitar, banjo), Matt Sanchez (drums), and Dave Rublin (bass).
"Believer" by American Authors

     The Royal Concept is from Stockholm, Sweden. They were first introduced to Indie Obsessive when the comparison was made between the song “Gimme Twice” and the band Phoenix. But it is common for a band to have some song that seems to be channeling some other band. To help make that point, we note there are a number of similarities (particularly the selection of the initial guitar sound and the vocals) between American Authors’ “Best Day of My Life” and the Imagine Dragons song “It’s Time."
     The members of The Royal Concept are David Larson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard/synthesizer), Filip Bekic (guitar, vocals), Robert Magnus (bass, vocals), and Frans Povel (drums, vocals).
     "Gimme Twice" by The Royal Concept, which is currently being offered by the band as a free download, CLICK HERE.
     "On Our Way" by The Royal Concept

     Misterwives is a six-member band from New York, NY. The members are Mandy Lee (vocals), William Hehir (bass), Etienne Bowler (drums), Marc Campbell (guitar), Dr. Blum (keys/trumpet/accordion) and Murph Dawg (sax).
     “Kings & Queens” by Misterwives - currently a free download.

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