Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

     We know what you’re thinking – “Wow a music blog with a Halloween theme; wonder why no one has done that before.” Well, that’s what you’re thinking if this is the first time you’ve ever read a music blog at the end of October. Still, ours is different, although we are not sure how or why.
     Here are three songs and two videos. There are plenty of choices, even if the possibilities were limited to those with  the band names and song titles that included either "ghost" or "vampire." Thus, a long list of songs was certainty an option. This post instead went with selecting songs of bands we would like to see get some additional exposure.
Francis International Airport in a Halloween-like glow
      Francis International Airport is based in Vienna, Austria. The members of the band are Markus Zahradnicek, David Zahradnicek, Georg Tran, Christian Hölzel and Manuel Riegler. The song is "Monsters."


     NONONO is a trio based Stockholm, Sweden. Stina Wäppling is the female member. The two male members are Tobias Jimson and Michel Rocwell, who usually use their production team name - Astma & Rocwell.  The Halloween-appropriate song is “Pumpin Blood.” It's Indie Pop, but with transitions that keep the song interesting.

     The third song is from New Yorker Sterling Fox, who brings us “Ghost” as a cross between Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses) and Steven Tyler (Aerosmith).


Thomas Halloween 2013, Awolnation Sail, Halloween Light Show

Just for fun - The Ellen Show Haunted House: Andy and Amy travel to the Haunted House

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