Wednesday, October 23, 2013

“Girl” by The Little Kicks - A Song Review

    First, some background description and a data point:
     1. If a blog site had animal-like features, it would be accurate to state that a reference to a band being a “great live show” perks the ears of Indie Obsessive.
     2. Even if we like song “A” better than song “B,” listening to a good performance of “B” is far better than listening to a digital or vinyl recording of “A.”
     3. Even if we prefer the genre of song “X” over the genre of song “Y,” it is our preference to see song “Y” in concert over listening to a digital or vinyl recording of song “X.”
     4. It is not uncommon for us to see a band with the attitude of “If they ‘nail’ [insert song tiltle here], everything else is a bonus.”
     5. It is 5,022 miles from San Francisco to Aberdeen, Scotland.

     Despite the distance between our base city (San Francisco) and the base city of The Little Kicks (Aberdeen), we received word that an opportunity to see this quartet should not be allowed to escape. The word is spread by the various sites of the band, but is not strictly from those sites.
      The members of The Little Kicks are Steven Milne, Andrew Corse, Lewis Porter and Scott Kelman. The song that fits within the above point “4” is “Girl.” That is, if we are fortunate enough to see The Little Kicks in concert, and they “nail” the performance of the song “Girl,” anything else is a bonus beyond the price of the concert ticket.
     "Girl" by The Little Kicks

     The official video of "Girl" by The Little Kicks

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