Monday, October 7, 2013

Songs from the Desktop

     As the expression goes, “Excuses are like belly buttons – everyone has one.” Well, our excuse for the next seven days is that we are first preparing for and then attending the Austin City Limits Festival. So, the blog entries will be either low on detail or non-existent.
     With our weak excuse firmly in place, here we go.

     It is not uncommon for a band to offer a song as a free download by a band from its Soundcloud or Bandcamp site. Typically, the band is trying to increase its exposure. There are times when we will download a song to one of our desktops because of a favorable first impression, but then forget about it for a while. Below are some songs with one thing in common, namely we don’t remember the circumstances behind arrival on our cluttered desktops.

     Mad Planet is a band from Los Angeles. "I Want You" is still a free download on Soundcloud.


     Paper Route released “Better Life” in August, 2011, but we were slow on the discovery. One significance to mentioning the 2011 date is to discount any thought of the band borrowing from Imagine Dragons, a band that didn’t explode until 2012. Paper Route is based in Nashville, Tenn.

     Catfish and the Bottlemen is still allowing free downloads of “Pacifier.” If your browser does not show the "Download" icon, try CLICKING HEREThey hale from the U.K. 

     Quiet Hounds is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The song from the desktop is “Hemlock.”

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