Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Killing Fields of Ontario – From the Indie Obsessive Mailbox

     Late last week, “Our Place to Drown” was released by Killing Fields of Ontario. We discovered the song because of an email invitation to review the song. We like the song more each day we listen to it. Better yet, the invitation provided a motivation to try other songs by the U.K. band. “Cloud” is another winner.
     Both “Cloud” and “Our Place to Drown” will be on the album that is set for release on October 28. “How the World Ends” is the name of the upcoming album.  
     If you only consider the literary evidence, ya gotten assume the experience will be depressing. Start with the song and album titles - “Our Place to Drown” from “How the World Ends.” No pleasantries there. Plus, the lyrics refer to two friends who just don’t want to die along, so they find a place to drown. The combination of titles and the lyrics don’t generate thoughts of a toe-tapping arrangement of percussion and guitar. But…
     And it’s more than just the literary evidence. Killing Fields of Ontario has a video for the song “Cloud.” The video appears to be about a guy (the son?) who has to deal with an seriously ill woman (the mother) that has surrendered to her situation. This has got to be depressing, right? But…
     The bottom line is that somehow these guys successfully fuse topics relating to difficult life situations with upbeat musical arrangements.
     The members of Killing Fields of Ontario are Tom Brewster, Stuart Kempster, Jim Brooks, Dave Loffman, and Tom Loffman.

     “Our Place to Drown” by Killing Fields of Ontario

     “Clouds” by Killing Fields of Ontario

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