Sunday, October 27, 2013

Quick Updates – Bear’s Den and Typhoon

     Bear’s Den made another single available to Soundcloud users. “Writing on the Wall” hit Soundcloud earlier this month. The band continues to generate songs that are consistent with its sound, but without staying within a well-defined mold.
     We won’t compare this release to their last one. “Sahara” is one of our favorites of 2013, so a comparison of almost any song to “Sahara” is likely to be misleading.
     “Writing on the Wall” - Things to like:
1. The crisp guitar work at the start.
2. The use of the horns, particularly near the end of the song.
3. The energy uptick that occurs when the drums step forward around the 3:03 mark.

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     Indie Obsessive is not the only site that is obsessed wiht the band Typhoon. NPR (National Public Radio) streamed the latest album of this Portland band and has now featured the eleven-member (sometimes twelve) band in its series "Tiny Desk Concerts." Typhoon performed three songs for NPR, including our favorite, “Dreams of Cannibalism. The performance is embedded below, but we recommend that you visit the NPR site for more information about the band (NPR-CLICK HERE). 

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