Thursday, October 10, 2013

Manicanparty – An All Too Brief Band Review

     Repeating what was said earlier this week:
As the expression goes, “Excuses are like belly buttons – everyone has one.” Well, our excuse for the next seven days is that we are first preparing for and then attending the Austin City Limits Festival. So, the blog entries will be either low on detail or non-existent. With our weak excuse firmly in place, here we go.

     Manicanparty is the duo of Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey. They originated from Minnesota, but are now in Brooklyn, New York. Manicanparty self-identifies its music as “tribal pop.” In “It’s in Her Eyes,” the percussion provides the tribal aspect. The pop aspect is readily apparent as well.
      “It’s in Her Eyes” by Manicanparty - currently a free download

      “Monarch” by Manicanparty - currently a free download

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