Thursday, January 23, 2014

Folks We Oughta Know – The January Version

     In 2012, we went with a group of friends to see a band that was in the middle of a popularity explosion. Opening for that band was one that included three sisters. We knew very little about this opening band. But by the halfway point in their performance, everyone in our group had experienced a “wow moment.” The almost unknown opening band was Haim, which subsequently had its own popularity explosion.
     If you only consider the math, SHEL will become thirty-three percent more popular than Haim, since it has four sisters. This set of sisters plays an even wider range of instruments, so again the math works well for predictions about SHEL. However, SHEL has a Celtic Folk feel to its music, which does not have the wide draw that Haim holds. Yes, it’s true – numbers don’t lie, but they do mislead.
     SHEL is based in Fort Collins, Colorado. The members are Sarah Holbrook (violin, bass guitar, vocals), Hannah Holbrook (keyboard, piano, vocals), Eva Holbrook (mandolins, bass guitar, vocals), and Liza Holbrook (drums, percussion, vocals). Take the first letter of each first name and you get SHEL. [If Haim had taken that approach, it would be called EDA.]
     “Lost at Sea” by SHEL
     “The Battle of Evermore” by SHEL - A cover of a Led Zeppelin song that may be the best use of a mandolin in the history of rock.


     Magic Giant is a Los Angeles trio with a good sense of humor and a willingness to give back to the community. The band was formally called Knocked Up Kids (a number of insufficiently clever references to the Foster the People song come to mind). The members are Austin Bis (lead vocals, piano, and guitar), Zambricki (banjo, cello, violin, guitar and background vocals), and AJK (drums).
     On the website of Magic Giant, they make a commitment that benefits everyone:
     "Drum lesson with AJK? Rock the guitar with Zambricki or jam on keys w/ Austin Bis? For every 5000 SoundCloud listens, a member of Magic Giant will give an hour music lesson to a Green Dot Public School student in LA."
We are pleased to play a small role in promoting the cause and the band.
     “Glass Heart” by Magic Giant  

     We love the banjo and energy in this next song!

     Returning to Fort Collins, Colorado, Fierce Bad Rabbit is less Folk and more Rock than the other two bands in this post, but the instruments in their song “Do You Want Me Now?” establish the qualifications.
Pasted here is the band information from their Facebook page:
     "Fusing together melodic strands of indie/alternative effects with a rock foundation, Fierce Bad Rabbit creates a unique sound that travels through poignant lyrics and pop-infused tunes to gritty pieces showcasing front man Chris Anderson’s well-honed style of songwriting. Evolving from their formation in 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has grown from Northern Colorado roots, blending together four strong musical talents from different genres. Featuring Anderson on vocals, guitar and piano, Alana Rolfe on viola and vocals, Dayton Hicks on bass guitar, and Max Barcelow on drums, percussion and vocals, the band has grown into a collective of raw and unbridled ambitions mixed with a strong sensibility for keeping their sound fresh and progressive."
       “Do You Want Me Now?” by Fierce Bad Rabbit

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