Saturday, September 24, 2016

“Burn This Bridge” by ENISA – A Song Review

     With about one hundred email submissions arriving each day, there is always the risk of beginning a song and then moving to the next before appreciating its quality and value. Fortunately, when the vocals or instruments are powerful, the risk is reduced. For that reason, we listened to “Burn This Bridge” to its completion and then “bookmarked” its location. ENISA's lead vocals are strong from the start and the backing vocals are effective in adding to the overall attractiveness.

     Quoting a review by someone who knows ENISA and her talent:
  "ENISA is a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn who aims to start a fire with her debut single 'Burn This Bridge.' She has been working in the studio the past few months shaping her soul-pop sound with producers Julie Hardy and Mike MacAllister and Friday she released her first song. The 20-year-old college student is a graduate of Edward Murrow high school and has been writing original works since her teen years and started performing live when she was six.  ENISA will be promoting her song with a string of live shows in NYC this fall and releasing a music video to 'Burn This Bridge' in October. For more info check out ENISA online!" 

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