Sunday, September 4, 2016

“I’ve Got to Know You” by Abroad – A Song Review

     Abroad previewed its talent via Triple J Unearthed, the premiere site for discovering Australian-based Indie music. “Say That You Want It” has been available for streaming (and even download) since June 2016. The preview didn’t properly prepare potential fans for Aboard’s "true" debut track.
     "I've Got to Know You" begins with the male counterpart to the heat-of-passion melodic groans of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby.” A difference is that it’s measured in seconds, instead of minutes. Then, the guitars distinguish the song, with their gentle yet powerful drive. The skillful percussion in “I’ve Got to Know You” provides the foundation for the structure built by the guitar work. And the smooth vocals play a major role in making the structure aesthetically pleasing. Yes, but there’s little doubt as to which instrument is the reason the song is blogworthy.

     Aboard was originally based in Sydney, Australia. The duo has relocated to London. The members are Will Cruger and Jack Dawson. They are planning to release a track each month for the remainder of 2016. 
     “I’ve Got to Know You” by Abroad


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