Wednesday, September 7, 2016

“They Want More” by Ages & Ages – A Song Review

     The band is a source of positiveness. They distribute it in the form of notes and lyrics that accompany the notes. Often the instruments play the notes with a “sonic” approach. In the song “They Want More,” Ages & Ages talks about embracing the fact that you can only give so much. The song on is the band’s third album, “Something to Ruin.” According to the release, the album “addresses the debris of our collective failures and asks whether we might be better off letting go and starting over.”

     Ages & Ages is based in Portland, Oregon. The members are Tim Perry (guitar, vocals), Sarah Riddle (percussion, vocals), Rob Oberdorfer (bass, vocals), Annie Bethancourt (guitar, percussion, vocals), and Colin Jenkins (keyboard, vocals). 
     “They Want More” by Ages & Ages

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