Monday, September 19, 2016

The White Raven – A Band Review

     The White Raven released a ten-track album entitled “Through Your Hands.” The songs don’t fit quietly into a single genre. Instead, there’s a diversity that triggers periodic attention refreshes. The album leads with “Wake Wait,” which showcases the skill of lead vocalist Sebastian Wijk within the lower range. The same is true of our favorite, “Rose,” but it has a greater emphasis on the Rock element. “Headlights,” which was originally available in 2014, can be described as a dark anthemic single – “Here I stand, nothing to win and nothing to lose.” The blend of acoustic and electric instruments, particularly at the start of Headlights,” is beguiling. The album also includes “All the Colors,” with vocal processing that establishes a Bon Iver feel.
     The White Raven is a four-member band from Helsingborgs, Sweden. The members are Sebastian Wijk (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Engdahl (drums), Gabriel Melin Svensson (bass), and Marcus Eriander (guitar).

Tracks on “Through Your Hands
  • Wake Wait
  • Dark
  • Rabid Rabbit
  • Rose
  • Threads
  • Summon
  • Headlights
  • Grave Still Mine
  • All The Colors
  • Keep
“Wake Wait” by The White Raven

“Rose” by The White Raven

“Headlights” by The White Raven

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