Tuesday, September 6, 2016

“Finally Unsure” by Oldermost – A Song Review

     An email submission that includes an endearing picture of a newborn with eyes that demand attention and command the viewer’s smile – is there a better approach? Congratulations on the recent arrival, Spencer!
     It was the picture of the newborn that opened the door to a post, but it’s the music that pulled us through that opened door. “Finally Unsure” is the recent release from Oldermost. The song is effective in its mixing of slightly hushed vocals and atmospheric guitars with sometimes predominant percussion. Quoting the email submission:
  “On ‘Finally Unsure,’ Oldermost showcase their ability to merge their penchant for era-blending rock and roll with a more chamber-pop, indie-rock sensibility. The track evolves steadily building towards a climactic solo—a release that only momentarily breaks the tension of a song obsessed with the nature of change, and a commitment to face unknowing imbued with a palpable fear that upon embracing uncertainty that we may not be recognized by the ones we love.”                                                                                                  

     Oldermost is a Philadelphia band comprising Bradford Bucknum (lead vocals), Stephen Robbins (drums), Mike Sobel (lead guitarist and lap steelist), and Dan Wolgemuth (bass).
     “Finally Unsure” by Oldermost

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