Wednesday, September 28, 2016

“Never Go To Sleep” by Hey Way – A Song Review

     If there are still music lovers who hold the position that Dream Pop lacks substance, they would be well served to loop “Never Go To Sleep.” It’s not our “go to” genre, but it has its treasures. This is one.
     The song is on the self-titled album of Hey Way. As a whole, “Never Go To Sleep” isn’t minimalistic, but that’s a fair description of the individual parts. As examples, the drums and piano instrumentally drive the song during the first segment, but each has a beauty in its simplicity. Much later, the guitar enters with a shoegaze vibe, without the highly dynamic processing that is too often associated with the sound.

     Hey Way is the duo of Søren Corneliussen and Hasse Mydtskov. In a prior life, they were part of the band Kissaway Trail. Their hometown is Odense, Denmark.
     “Never Go To Sleep” by Hey Way

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