Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Noisetrade Tuesday – The Welcome Home

     This week’s Noisetrade recommendation is “A Land Outside of This,” a 6-track release by The Welcome Home. The band is based in Athens, Georgia. The five members are Ryan Steffes (guitar, lead vocals), Ally Brady (keys, vocals), Ethan Langston (bass, vocals), Lane Langston (electric guitar), and Alec Parrish (drums).
     As a heads-up, “Searching” ends abruptly - it’s not system. The song creates an Angels and Airwaves guitar environment before its cutoff, which leads to the next song, “In Your Entity.” Vocally, the closest match to The Welcome Home is likely Young the Giant, but with a fresh take. Our favorite of the six songs? It’s probably “Welcome Home,” which temporarily accelerates both vocally and instrumentally at the 3:27 mark,

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