Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“Pinned” by Slow Roar – A Song Review

     For bloggers who gravitate toward featuring a favorite track when sharing a band discovery, Slow Roar presents a problem. It’s difficult to select a favorite from their six-track, self-titled EP. For us, the final decision was between “Pinned” and “Honey,” so we will focus on the first but embed both songs.

     “Pinned” begins with an energetically powerful hook. While most hooks are intended to draw (hook) a listener’s attention, this one demands and commands attention. Soon, the vocals are layered atop the hook. The voice belongs to Rebecca Rosoff of Los Angeles. She joined forces with Sonny Lanegan to form Slow Roar.

     The instruments in “Pinned” are often used more percussively than melodically. The sound of Slow Roar tends toward the lower frequencies, but the sound remains textured because the lead vocals are handled by Rebecca. Quoting content from Slow Roar:
  Slow Roar is an American-Italian Indie Rock boy/girl duo born in Los Angeles, CA comprised of two multi-instrumentalist writer/producers, Rebecca Rosoff and Sonny Lanegan. On their self-titled debut EP, the pair conveys a moody wanton energy through complex percussion arrangements, lustfully jagged guitars, detuned snare hits, and Rosoff's rawly soulful and penetrating vocals.
  "It's hard finding other musicians who can handle the entire supply chain of music production -- from writing, performing, arranging, and mixing. In Sonny, I'd met my match in range of ability," said Rosoff.
  "I've always worked fast and dirty. I'd send Rebecca a :30 guitar hook and within 45 minutes she'd have a full vocal arrangement for it. The EP came to life through that rapid, honest back and forth over the course of a few months," said Lanegan.
  An emotionally-rich water and fire combination, Lanegan, with over a thousand live shows behind him (White Pulp, The Dead Good), brings to Slow Roar the grit, edge and dirt of live performance, while Rosoff (NYC-based Fresh Hearts, Dig Exotic) lends a cleaner pop-infused sound influenced by her solo works and past career as an imaging producer at iHeartRadio.

“Pinned” by Slow Roar

“Honey” by Slow Roar

Lyrics of “Pinned” by Slow Roar
You're not the one that I want.
Keep it away from me.
Don't it feel like a disease
When you need, what you need?

Follow me out now,
Now, Now (x2)

Don't you stare me down
Straight up from my knees
Save me quick from all the people
Followed way too close for my comfort

Follow me down now
Now, now (x2)

Hate once pinned to your chest
This was a test
And I passed right into
I wanna be that, I've gotta be that
I'm gonna be that star for you

This face ain't the first one I wore
Keep it locked up for me
Yeah it feels like a disease
When I get what I need

Follow me down now,
Now, now (x2)

Hate once pinned to your chest (oh no)
This was a test (oh no)
And I passed right into you
I wanna be that, I gotta be that,
I'm gonna be that star for you

You're funny
Don't you wonder
How I go
To sleep at night
It's in my dreams I gather
All the tools I need to fight

Hold me down (x3)
You never really knew how to
Hold me down (x)
You never really knew how to

Chorus x2

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