Wednesday, January 24, 2018

“Told” by Great News – A Song Review

     “Told” is a harmonious commingling of Pop, Garage and Rock elements. The vocals have a Pop singalong quality, but with an edge. The message behind the track is that pursuing a lifestyle based on what you're “told” is a not a path to achieving a sense of fulfillment. The characteristics of the lead vocals provide a feel of The War on Drugs with a touch of Bob Dylan.

     Instrumentally, “Told” is primarily built around effective hooks, but the track uses a fuzzed-out, wailing guitar (starting at 1:40) to let listeners know that Great News has other strengths. The percussion and bass more than hold their own.

     Great News self-identify their sound as Daze Pop. They are a Norwegian trio based in Bergen. The bands members are Even Kjelby (guitar, vocals), Kim Åge Furuhaug (drums), and Ole Kristian Einarsen (bass).

      Each of the members has a starring role in the video of “Told,” which is a portrayal of persons who have been told the path to happiness but haven’t solved the puzzle of life. The gigolo, who is shown reading a romance novel and dancing for an older woman, is played by Even Kjelby. The solitary runner is Kim Åge Furuhaug, while the dishwater is Ole Kristian Einarsen.

     “Told” will be on Great News’ debut LP, “Wonderfault.” According to the press materials:
“The album consists of dreamy psychedelic pop, blended with big choruses and catchy hooks. Bleak lyrics wrapped in cheerful melodies is one of Great News' main characteristics.”

     “Told” by Great News 

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