Sunday, January 21, 2018

“Want” by W. H. Lung – A Song Review

     Based on their singles “Want” and Inspiration!,” if W. H. Lung were a drug, they would be banned in many countries. Their energy cannot be natural and is certainly addictive. Governments hoping to protect citizens may have the urge to impose controls, at the least!

     The band sure seems to be taking steps to avoid recognition. The band name, W. H. Lung, is "borrowed" from a supermarket in their hometown of Manchester (picture included). And the video of their song “Nothing Is” was recorded in the seclusion of an emptied swimming pool (embedded at the bottom of this post).  

     The only name of a band member we could find is Joe Evans, who was previously with the band Chaika. Rumor is that at least one other member of W. H. Lung has a Chaika past. 

    “Want” by W. H. Lung

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