Friday, January 26, 2018

"Wake Up (Acoustic)" by C. SHIROCK – A Song Review

     Starting a review of the acoustic version of “Wake Up” presents a conundrum. Should the review of the track from C. SHIROCK launch into praise for the purity of the vocals and the power of the inflections in conveying the commitment to the song’s message? Or is the better approach to start with an appreciation for the instruments?

     It’s a decision in which the selection of either option is easily defended. The use of strings in short, quick strokes (for example, starting at 1:06) is similar to the style in “Eleanor Rigby,” the band's only song in which The Beatles did not play any of the instruments. This staccato delivery supports the main melody, but stays slightly detached and provides a fuller, more textured sound. Still, it is the piano that instrumentally drives “Wake Up.” Perhaps the most effective section starts at 2:30, when the other instruments perform a mini-crescendo that leads to a classical piano solo.

      Staying with comparisons, the early vocals in “Wake Up” bear similarities to the more relaxed portions of Queensrÿche tracks (admittedly, we often find ourselves alone on an island when we make assertions regarding vocal similarities). The voice carries a pain. Pauses and voice inflections only enhance the emotive atmosphere.

     C. SHIROCK is the project of Chuck Shirock, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee. According to the website of the project, the contributors to “Wake Up” are Chuck Shirock (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Scott Shirock (percussion, programming), Kevin Whitsett (bass), and Justin Saunders (cello).

     Chuck Shirock’s description of the song is insightful:
  The release of the “Wake Up” singles marks the end of the ‘11’ EP - this project has been one filled with many ups and downs, new beginnings and moments embracing endings. It wasn’t planned (I’m learning the best things often aren’t), but the final song was “Wake Up,” and what a fitting way to wrap the project.
  “Wake Up” is a constant reminder to me to stay awake - to stay present. I have a tendency to shut down, to get lost in the pursuit of something, and to lose sight of the all of the beauty in the process. I don’t want to live like that. I hope you don’t live like that.
  A favorite thinker, Alan Watts, said about life, “...we missed the point the whole way along. It was a musical thing and you were supposed to dance while the music was being played.”

     "Wake Up (Acoustic)" 

Lyrics of "Wake Up" by C. SHIROCK
You said be stronger than tomorrow
You said be stronger than the days
And, how can I be stronger than tomorrow?
How can I be stronger than the pain?
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

You take this heart of gold
You walk it on your sideline
You take this heart of steel
You teach it how to break, how to heal

Take it all away
My love, oh my love
Where have you gone, away
My Lord, oh My Lord
Oh, oh, oh, oh [Repeat 3x]

You take this heart of stone
Walking through a desert show me home
You take this heart, no rhythm
Give me rhythm of my own

You take it all and wake up
Wake up [Repeat 2x]

You take it all and wake up
Broken heart will love again
You wake up
Under rubble hope begins
You wake up
In stillness you find peace again
You wake up, wake up
Take it all and wake up

Broken spirit dream again
You wake up
Tired feet will dance again
You wake up
All will be made new again
Wake up, wake up
Take it all and wake up

     "Wake Up" - with electric support

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