Monday, January 1, 2018

“So Much Faster” by Misty Aviator – A Song Review

     The debut EP of Misty Aviator is titled “849 Miles,” which is the distance between the cities in which the two members currently reside. They generate a gentle soundscape of harmonization and instrumental support. Our favorite track from the EP is “So Much Faster,” because of its melody and message.

    Quoting their SubmitHub description:
  Marcus Andersson and Malin Andersson first met when they were teenagers, growing up in the same small village in Sweden they shared the same high school and the interest for music. Marcus had a band and needed a singer, and so it began. Once a week a group of young teenagers got together in a tiny basement rehearsal space to write their own songs and struggle to stay in tune.

  The band stayed together for a couple of years but after graduating from school Marcus and Malin took off in different directions. Leaving the small village behind they both ended up in the city. Marcus in the Stockholm area where he created the electro-pop band Slottet (released on Fika Recordings UK), Malin started writing her own singer-songwriter material and moved to London.

  Even though living in two different cities, in two different countries, about 849 Miles from each other, they decided to start a music project together in 2016. The project got the name "Misty Aviator" and 2017 they released their first EP - "849 Miles."  

     “So Much Faster” by Misty Aviator 

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