Wednesday, June 13, 2018

“Dreamer” by io & Titan – A Song Review

     A Wurlitzer immediately fashions a sense of unflinching determination, while the percussion is more stylish in its purposefulness. When the guitar and vocals enter “Dreamer,” they use the percussion and pulsating Wurlitzer as a platform, with the guitar carrying the elegance and splendor of Math Rock and with the vocals using inflections and pace adjustments to provide emphasize and to control interest.

     “Dreamer” is a single from io & Titan, the moniker of Matt Schlatter. He is a songwriting multi-instrumentalist in Brooklyn. io & Titan recently released a four-track EP titled “a dream of Two Moons.” The title makes sense, since Io is one of the moons of Jupitar and Titan is a largest moon of Saturn.

     The lead vocal in “Dreamer” belongs to Schlatter. The lush backing vocals are contributed by Alaina Ferris and Lacy Rose.

      We can’t fully justify it, but we associate the guitar work with the city of Chicago. Perhaps, it’s because that is the origin of Maps & Atlases, the current champion of the technique. Regardless, io & Titan doesn’t take a backseat. Quoting a description of the skillset:
  “io & Titan combines the meticulous songkraft of the 60’s greats (Lennon, Dylan, Simon) with the rhythmic layering of West Africa (Super Djata, Fela). In his live set, Schlatter shows his mutli-instrumental genius and technical wizardry, dancing around the stage using a drum pad, guitar, wurlitzer, his voice and his laptop to recreate the dense musical landscape. io & Titan is a one man show that can fill a stage with the same depth and complexity of a band.”

     “Dreamer” by io & Titan 

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