Friday, June 22, 2018

“Is This Ship Sinking?” and “The Lost Boys (Of Berlin)” by Milo Gore

     There are features of the two songs that evidence that they have a common origin, namely Milo Gore. But the differences point to the diversity of skills of Milo Gore. The start of “The Lost Boys (Of Berlin)” is melodically attractive interplay of guitars. It is recommended for those of us who appreciate Airborne Toxic Event. When the vocals enter, an appealing rawness follows. One guitar steps back and provides Shoegaze-like wanes, which create a soundscape for the other features.

      In comparison, the start of “Is This Ship Sinking?” is less of a tip of the hat to melody. Rather than politely requesting attention, there is a demand. The song is direct from start to end. It does take more advantage of the female backing vocals than does “The Lost Boys (Of Berlin).”

     To the credit of Milo Gore, it is difficult to select which of the two approaches is preferred. The band handles them with equal adeptness. Milo Gore is from Falmouth, UK. The members are Milo Gore, Luke Parkinson, Max Waymark, Kieran Clark, and Christina Smith. The Facebook page also includes Jay Beale.

     Milo Gore will appear at a number of 2018 UK festivals, including Boardmasters, Wonderfields and Langaland. The band’s EP “Watch The Tide” is accessible via Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.

     “The Lost Boys (Of Berlin)"

     “Is This Ship Sinking?” 

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