Tuesday, June 5, 2018

“Drive” by Phil Simmonds – A Song Review

     It is the song structure of “Drive” that distinguishes the Phil Simmonds’ single from other strong tracks released in 2018. Yes, the early vocals have a gentle, distanced-yet-engaging feel that contrasts well with the forcefulness of the instruments. And there are subtle features that deserve attention. But the structure of “Drive” masterfully diverges from the standard format of intro, alternating verse and chorus, then outro. The cinematic piano intro returns twice, dividing the song into thirds. There isn’t a pronounced verse-and-chorus arrangement in either the first or second segment. The “chorus” is the third segment and starts when a kick drum triggers increased intensity.

     Not surprisingly, Phil Simmonds is a producer. His Facebook page identifies him as a “British Songwriter, Producer based in LA.”   Quoting content with which we agree:
  In "Drive" Simmonds brings listeners into his world, taking you on a journey from the start. Guitar riffs guide you sonically along as Simmonds grabs your attention through atmospheric hues and warm tones provided by his strong vocal work.
  Simmonds lyrically addresses the choice of moving on from addiction and heartbreak. All at once emotive and intimate, "Drive" is a strong first record to be released from Simmonds forthcoming project “Saint Arc [Part One] In The Oak" to be released in July 2018 and will follow with “Saint Arc [Part Two] Down To The Waters” and “Saint Arc [Part Three] The Fallen later this year.
  Phil came to the public eye as a musician to British artist’s Jessie J, Rae Morris, Leona Lewis. Since then he’s become Musical Director for Detroit rapper Angel Haze, Australian singer Conrad Sewell, Atlantic Record’s Zak Abel, and British band Lawson to name a few. Now residing in Los Angeles Phil splits his time between his solo project and producing for other artists. He is currently working on the next Eryn Allen Kane album.
  In June he will play in both LA and NY, showcasing his Concept albums “Saint Arc” Parts One, Two and Three.

     “Drive” by Phil Simmonds 

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