Thursday, June 28, 2018

“Lambs” by Trope – A Song Review

     “Lambs” is a weave of both the power of the lyrics and the force of the melody. At times, the instruments respect the importance of the message by stepping back. For example, at the start of the single from Trope, one guitar plays a gentle repeating pattern, while another creates a slightly-below-surface layer of whines and wanes. Still, the instruments show no resistance or bashfulness during times when jumping forward is appropriate, as best heard during the final minute of “Lambs.”

      Lyrically, “Lambs” is impactful. The song speaks of the realities of bullying - “Don’t make me hate the world like you do, although I’m hurt and bruised.” Then, returning from the guitar intensity of the bridge, the message evolves (at 2:41) into a description of the individuals who present themselves as the innocent, but are only focused on their entitlements:
“Dress like lambs, but wolves with teeth
Caring for no one else, other than themselves.”

     Trope states that “Lambs” also “addresses the expectation of returned kindness, accumulation of pain from the lack of reciprocation and the cyclical damage to self that results from ignoring your own behaviours, and the subsequent projection of blame on to others.” The lyrics of the song are included in this post.

      The members of Vancouver-based Trope are Dave Thompson (guitars), Diana Studenberg (vocals), Reggie Hache (bass), and Aleks Amer (drums). “Lambs” was two years in the making. In 2016, Thompson showed Studenberg the embryo what came to be “Lambs.” Hache and Amer were added because of their abilities to handle music with time signature changes and other complexities (“Lambs” is in 15/8).

     Trope is currently filming a documentary of the making of their debut album, “Eleutheromania” (a manic zeal for freedom). The documentary is under the direction of renowned cinematographer Stewart Whelan (Metallica – Some Kind of Monster, The Flash). The band is also playing shows locally and internationally in support of “Eleutheromania.”

     “Lambs” by Trope 

Lyrics of “Lambs” by Trope
You scraped corners
For kinks in my armor
Does it make you feel good
To know that you’re not welcome anymore?

Rocks in my face
Oh how you got me
Kicking, screaming, standing still
We’re finally climbing up the hill

Don’t make me hate the world
Like you do
Although I’m hurt and bruised

You are blind for
He sits among us
I’m not here to start a war
What we all need is something to adore

You’ve allowed them
To take over
Poison seeping through your veins
And now’s the time to cleanse them from your brain

Don’t make me live the past
Like you do
Although I feel it too

It don’t matter
Shapes getting smaller
Forgiveness we may all deserve
But I’m just gonna focus on the verve


Turn your back
Get what you need

Wasted space
On all these entitled thieves
Dressed like lambs
But wolves with teeth

Caring for no one
Other than themselves
I’m no good
I just add weights to the shelf

Covered in rain
And I’m at it again
Cycle the blame
Till you come to an end

Time wasted years pass me by
Fighting to tell you why
Voices still linger unheard
Screaming to tell you why

Craving in gold
Seeking control
And allowing the vapid
To strangle your soul

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