Thursday, June 14, 2018

“Hold On” and “The Wave” by Tim Freitag – Song Reviews

      Tim Freitag is a five-member band that carries a refreshing sophistication in the description of commitment to a relationship. “Hold On” and “The Wave” are melodically uplifting and lyrically intelligent. For example, the puzzling line “And when you’re gone, I miss you like gravity” becomes clear a short time later, with the statement, “And when you’re gone, I’m drifting so aimlessly.”

      The press materials relating to “Hold On” accurately describe the track as sustaining a high level of tense turbulence, engaging and enthralling in the struggle to keep a clear, penetrating, piercing perspective in the eye of the storm. It’s a story of “yearning for enduring emotions, for abiding desires, for much, much more than mere ephemeral gray cigarette smoke.”

      “The Wave” is somehow both optimistically powerful and forlorn. Thus, the song begins with the declaration, “This is a wasteland, a waste where we belong together.” But the melody doesn’t share the duality. While the tempo slows at times, the melody is consistently stimulating.

      Tim Freitag is from Zürich, Switzerland. The five members are Janick Pfenninger (vocals), Nicolas Rüttimann (guitars), Severin Graf (bass), Lorenzo Demenga (drums), Daniel Gisler (keys). “Hold On” and “The Wave” are destined to be tracks on a full album that is scheduled for release in spring 2019.

     “Hold On” by Tim Freitag 

     “The Wave” by Tim Freitag 

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