Monday, June 18, 2018

“My Body” by Eliza Shaddad – A Song Review

     Indie Obsessive has featured several tracks from Eliza Shaddad. Individually, each release brings attention to the songwriting and vocalization skills Shaddad has worked to develop. But a deserving level of appreciation comes only after listening to the body of her work. Fittingly, her latest release is “My Body.”

     Lyrically, Shaddad’s songs are consistently intelligent. Often, they are introspective and reflect personal struggle. That is the case with “My Body.” According to Shaddad, the song is about “Being betrayed by your body. Knowing full well that you need to be alone, but doubting it every night.”    

     Melodically “My Body” is heavy in the sense that it resides in the lower frequencies and has grunge-like vocal inflections. But particularly after the three-minute mark, the vocals of Eliza Shaddad become less deliberate and more emotionally expressive, as they climb and sustain.

     The video is embedded in this post. The video was directed by Joe McCrae as “a reflection of Eliza’s restless state. Shooting on different cameras and incorporating layering and animation helped show the transitions in and out of consciousness, and the blurring of these worlds - lost in thought, until thought becomes dream.”

     “My Body” is the second single from Eliza Shaddad’s upcoming debut album “Future.” Her devotions are not limited to music. She co-founded the female arts collective Girls Girls Girls with fellow musician Samantha Lindo; and for six years has been working to empower women within the arts through special cross-disciplinary events across the UK, and to raise awareness and funding for the anti-Female genital mutilation charity “Orchid Project.”  

     “My Body” by Eliza Shaddad 


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