Thursday, July 2, 2020

“Sunday Best” by Handsome Ghost - A Song Feature

     “Sunday Best” stands as a quiet testimonial to the fervent commitment that Handsome Ghost holds to its craft. The song includes gentle crescendos and nuances that do not interfere with the peacefulness of the melody or the sentiment within the lyrics, but significantly enhance the attractiveness of the song.

      Handsome Ghost explains that “Sunday Best” is about attending a funeral with somebody you love who is mourning someone you did not know. From there, the interpretation is left to the listener. The song begins with an attention-gripping acoustic guitar riff and sonic accompaniment. When the vocals enter, we learn that the death was expected, but that didn’t prevent the news from coming as a shock. The voice inflection at the word “shock” reinforces the effect of the news and evidences the care that Handsome Ghost placed in the writing and recording of the song.

      Just prior to the second verse, there is a crescendo (at 1:30) in which the notes create the sense of bubbles accelerating as they rise to the surface of a deep body of water. The relationship described during second verse allows fundamentally different conclusions, but we want to believe it was the person’s father who sadly passed. And we choose to view the final lines of “I am gonna try” as being akin to the final scene of the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” In the final scene, the elderly gentleman seeks reassurance that he lived up to his commitment to lead a good life, a commitment made upon the death of someone he respected.

     Handsome Ghost is multi-instrumentalist Eddie Byun and vocalist Tim Noyes. They collaborated in the writing and the production of “Sunday Best.” As a second connection with “Saving Private Ryan,” like the Tom Hanks character in the movie, Noyes' previous profession was teaching. We recognize the importance of teachers, but we're pleased that Noyes made the change.

     “Sunday Best” by Handsome Ghost

Lyrics of “Sunday Best” by Handsome Ghost (some best guesses)
Too soon
Awaking in the dark
We knew
Still came as a shock
And we drive
Back to your hometown
Low white
Roses on the ground

So you speak your mind
In your Sunday best
Share some secret code
That I don't know yet
Here was good to you
It was sweet and pure
All the nights that you
Could've begged him for
In this hotel bed
When you switched the light

I am gonna try
I am gonna try
I am gonna try
Now I am gonna try

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

June Songs that Bear Repeating

     As a welcome to the new month, here are the favorite songs from June posts of Indie Obsessive.

     "Hope It Don't" by All Tvvins (from the post of June 29, CLICK HERE if interested).

      “Resolutions” by Bengal Lancers (from the post of June 2, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Blame The Record” by Vandalye (from the post of June 12, CLICK HERE if interested).

     "Put Your Money on Me" by Night Traveler (from the post of June 11, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Raincoat” by Hot Dreams (from the post of June 30, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Coast” by Moontricks with Gone Gone Beyond (from the post of June 28, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Ready When You Are” by Thrillhouse (from the post of June 26, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Someone Else's Eyes” by WHALE CITY (from the post of June 8, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Riverbank” by Pinewood (from the post of June 21, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Wishes and Wants” by Mike Stocksdale (from the post of June 4, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Better” by EllaHarp (from the post of June 25, CLICK HERE if interested).

     The comprehensive list of songs with Spotify accessibility and with deserving bonus tracks (via Spotify):
     “Nothing That I Wouldn't Do" by WILD
     “Guilt Trip” by Mangled Jangles
     “Station To Station” by Animal Scream
     “Fooling Anybody” by Cowboy Dinosaur
     “Asc. Scorpio” by Oracle Sisters

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

“Raincoat” by Hot Dreams - A Song Feature

     “Raincoat” emerges from its early disguise as a gentle synth and rolling percussion single with a sonic guitar that builds to prominence at the 48-second mark. The vocals willfully follow suit, transitioning from a calm descriptive approach to a more powerful, almost athematic approach. “Raincoat” does return to its gentle beginning (2:30), but exits with a different, yet equally energizing, sequence.

     Hot Dreams explains “Raincoat:”
  “The song’s lyrics also focus on trying to not to sweat the small stuff, focusing instead on the people who love us and allowing ourselves to be content and happy with that. It resonates with our time in lockdown, as we’re all forced to strip our busy lives down to the bare bones without any of the normal noise and clutter.”

     Regarding its performance in a live setting, the band says, “'Raincoat' is a song that represents everything we love about playing live. It’s an expression of freedom and onstage it acts as a release from everyday worries."

     Hot Dreams are based in London. The members are Kai Fennell (vocals, guitar), Aaron Clarke (bass), Alex Bloomfield (guitar, keys) and Cam Fyall (drums).

     “Raincoat” by Hot Dreams