Friday, December 6, 2019

“Amends” by Count the Thief – A Song Feature

      “Amends” is a series of waves of intensity and complexity separated by ebbs that reveal an overall beauty. The song is the title single of a four-track EP released by Count the Thief, a band from Bangkok, Thailand.

     Although intensity undergoes quick transitions and climatic crescendos, passion is apparent throughout “Amends.” The alignment with the lyrical message sits quietly during the intro and outro, with the guitar resembling a solemn piano riff. Immediately following the intro, the guitar playing becomes more delicate and embraces the lyrics – “Pleased to meet you,,, again.” But “Amends” also includes portions in which the bass and percussion are thunderous. The instruments and lyrics are impactful – “Place your weapons down and make amends.”

     The explanation of the four-track EP “Amends” is interesting:
  “After waiting four years since the release of their debut album ‘New Role,’ Count the Thief is ready to return to the alternative Indie Rock scene with their upcoming four-track EP, ‘Amends.’ Count the Thief, masters of intricate rhythms intertwined with swelling highs and lows, are excited to show off a new sound which is emotionally-charged and intense, yet beautiful. 
  From their title track, “Amends,” which features dramatic suspense through its pulsating bassline and exciting rhythm section, all the way to ‘Zero Four,’ a hard-rocking track which takes singer Danny Duncombe’s voice to a whole new level, this EP shows that Bangkok’s favourite Indie Rockers are back and better than ever. With over a million streams to date of their debut album, Count the Thief looks forward to expanding their fan base and reaching new crowds through shows while on tour worldwide. Download or stream 'Amends' on all online stores worldwide from December 6, 2019!"

     The members of Bangkok’s Count the Thief are Danny Duncombe (rhythm guitar, vocals), Toby Willems (drums, vocals), Dave Lefor (lead guitar), and Jerome Torrefranca (bass guitar).

     “Amends” by Count the Thief 

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

“This Old Road” by Toy Poets – A Song Feature

      “This Old Road” embraces vocal consistency and champions instrumental variation, allowing listeners to simultaneously align with familiarity and anticipate change. Vocally, the song from Toy Poets features harmonization that endearingly exposes a vulnerability as it uses travel down an old road as a metaphor - people tend to walk it along, but “what’s it going to take for you to walk by me?”.

      Instrumentally, “This Old Road” is skillfully nuanced, almost challenging a listener to replay the song in order to focus on the different contributions. We recommend that you accept the challenge. Even before the harmonization begins, the song features acoustic guitars, a mysterious drone, and evidence that the rhythm section will play a significant role. Two minutes in, “This Old Road” is nudged from its acoustic mode by the introduction of an electric guitar. The acoustic mode returns, but is interrupted again at 3:15. This time, the electric guitar is more intricate and delicate.  
     Toy Poets is based in Santa Barbara, California. Finding more information about the band is not an easy task. That will change - soon.
     Update: The members of Toy Poets and their contributions to "This Old Road" are Kutan Katas (synthesizer, percussion, vocals), Alex Van Valen (solo guitar, vocals), Kevin Mahany (rhythm guitar, vocals), Zach Malek (bass), Trevor Dudley (vocals), and Christian Burnias (vocals, shaker). The track was produced by Kutan Katas.

     “This Old Road” by Toy Poets 

“Diamonds” by Nikki Forova – A Song Feature

     “Diamonds” is a rhythmic excursion driven by tribal percussion and steered by the vocals of Nikki Forova as she accents the rhythm during her delivery. To provide contrast, the backing vocals emphasis melody over rhythm. The journey is one to be shared with friends.

      Nikki Forova was born in Ukraine, but she is currently based in London after studying music composition in Los Angeles. Interestingly, her bio states:
  “The collective moral standards of a communist society and the harsh reality of Soviet regime definitely had a huge influence on her philosophy and the way she perceives life. Passionate musical expression for simple and forgotten truths and beauties of life became her way of living while reaching out beyond social norms and searching for true spirituality.”

     Diamonds” by Nikki Forova \