Thursday, August 31, 2017

“Caribe” by Black Flowers Café – A Song Review

     Black Flowers Café is an Indie Rock band in Cosenza, Italy. At times, an accent is detectable during their song “Caribe,” but it’s the guitar that positively distinguishes the song from other blogworthy tracks.

     The members of Black Flowers Café are Angelo Zicca (guitar)  Antonio Nicoletti (drums, percussion), Gaetano Lidonnici (bass), and Fernando Rennis (vocals, guitar, synth). “Caribe” is a track from their most recent EP, which is entitled “Islands.”

     According to the SubmitHub content from the band:
  "The music of the Italian quartet is based on the foundations of an unpredictable and kaleidoscopic sound, where hypnotic rhythm and liquid guitars are crossed through by synths, percussions and fragments of afrobeat.
  'Islands' is a tribute to Derek Walcott, a refuge where you can deal with childhood memories ('Never Trust Me'), dreams to tell ('January') and imaginary stories ('Caribe')."

     “Caribe” by Black Flowers Café 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

“We Always Lose” by KARMS – A Song Review

     KARMS presents a unique approach to an anthem. Listening to all but the last few seconds of “We Always Lose,” the takeaway is a pessimistic one – “you can’t win, because you are surrounded by doubters and enemies.” There are hints of messaging a positive approach; then the chorus returns and the black cloud settles in. That is fine, music can motivate, but that’s not its only role. The lead and backing vocals are strong; they can carry the track. And we enjoy the Rock guitar that drives the bridge at 2:28.
     As the track nears its end, the vocal tempo explodes and the messaging disperses the black cloud. It starts with “So don't be sorry, you are you.” [Wait, did I hear right?] Then comes “Carry on, don't fall and you will see the end is not the end.” [Yes, I am hearing correctly.] Well done KARMS!

     It’s been too long since our last post that involved brothers. KARMS include a brother pairing. The band is from Dublin, Ireland, and is formed of Colm O’Loughlin (vocals, guitar), Stephen/”Ste” O’Loughlin (guitar, vocals), Danny Farrelly (bass, vocals) and Jay Maleney (drums).
     The video is at the bottom of this post. It features Rebecca Daly, Fia McCabe, Sian Kiernan, and Grainne Conville dancing in the streets of Dublin. 

     “We Always Lose” by KARMS

Lyrics of “We Always Lose” by KARMS
We lay with animals
Because the city doesn't know us
The city doesn't know us
We scare ourselves away doing
What other people do

This is a getaway
A life we share with enemies
We hold less time for listening
An eye for awful wondering

Come now, the crocked and the elephant
The city doesn't know us
These dreamers always show up
Dream big, we're animals
We do it slow or do it over

This is a getaway
A life we share with enemies
We hold less time for listening
An eye for awful wondering
An eye for saying sorry but