Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baptist Generals vs Maps & Atlases

     Until recently, we thought the Chicago-based group Maps & Atlases had a distinctive vocal sound. The frontman, Dave Davison, not only plays the guitar differently than most (staying exclusively along the neck for some songs), he has a voice that is easy to identify. But then came the release of songs (and now an album) by Baptist Generals.
      We compared the names of the members of Baptist Generals to the names of member of Maps & Atlases. No, Davison is not on both lists. Then, we used the Google search engine to determine if there was a buzz from others making the same comparison. OK, we get distracted easily and didn’t spend a lot of time, but we found nothing. So, we are going to leave it to readers/listeners of Indie Obsessive to determine if the two voices are as similar as we believe them to be.

     Baptist Generals is a band based in Denton, Texas, which is 958 miles from Chicago and Maps & Atlases. The Facebook page of Baptist Generals identifies its members as "Including but not limited to Peter Salisbury, Paul Slavens, Ryan Williams, Jeff Ryan, Jason Reimer, Cee Flemmons, and David Pierce." The members of Maps & Atlases are Dave Davison, Shiraz Dada, Chris Hainey, and Erin Elders.

     Time for the comparison. Note that as least for now, the two bands are permitting free downloads (Free, Legal and Recommended).

     "Broken Glass" by Baptist Generals. If your browser doesn't show the free download icon, CLICK HERE

     "Dog That Bit You" by Baptist Generals. If your browser doesn't show the free download icon, CLICK HERE

     "Fever" by Maps & Atlases
If your browser does not show the FLR download CLICK FOR THE FREE DOWNLOAD

Contact information for Baptist Generals

Contact information for Maps & Atlases

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